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Pagtanggal kay Cayetano mula sa post ng DFA?

Nong Huwebes pahayag ni Recto na ang mga kontrobersya na pumapalibot sa DFA at ang Embahada sa Kuwait  ay hindi sapat na dahilan upang tumawag sa pagbitiw sa Cayetano, at idinagdag nito na salungat ang posisyon ng bansa na “mas mapagtibay” sa pagtulong sa mga OFW. “Bakit dapat magbitiw si Alan? Iniligtas ng kanyang mga

How to lose weight

Looking for How to lose weight? There are many ways How to lose weight or lost weight fast.   1. Eat Slowly If you eat fast. the result you get more pounts, instead of losing them, use your phone help to set it within 30 minutes and make sure to eat all this time. Gamble

How to hide Date in the URL of your website

Blogspot  powered by Google’s Blogger division, automatically include a date and time stamp for each blog post. This stamp not only displays on your blog post pages, but it also shows up in the preview snippet when your blog post is shown in Google search results. If you prefer your blog to be “timeless,” you

How to Fix Android Bootloop , No OS and Stantby screen

HOW TO FIX BOOTLOOP, No OS and Startup standby Android. nowadays people encounter bootloop logo in their android phone now this tutorial help to resolve the issue. This tutorial helps to fix bootlop or startup standby to revive your android. Brand MyPhone, Cherry Mobile,Samsung and Huawei and ect.. Here are Steps. STEP. 1 DOWNLOAD ALL

Remote your PC using your Android

  In this Android Application you can remote your PC anytime using your Android Phone, anywhere as long as you have internet connection. You can view or monitor your pc and have a similarity of teamviewer software, this apps you can able to use as a wireless keyboard and also working in windows 8. Requirements:

10 reasons you must know why your PC’s crash

Nowadays many people use laptop or computer desktop and any high tech gadgets but there are a lot of bugs. Top 10 reasons you must know why your PC’s crash 1. Hardware conflict -The number one reason why Windows crashes is hardware conflict. Each hardware device communicates to other devices through an interrupt request channel

Upload your Website using FileZilla

This tutorial helps to upload your offline wensite to web hosting using this can eases and fast transfer to Online your website. 1. Download Latest FileZilla. 2. Install Filezilla software and wait until successfully installed. 3. Now Open Filezilla 5. Now we create new Site   7.  Check if you are successful connected if they

How to remove Copyright/Credit link on Soratemplate from your blog

  How to remove Copyright/Credit link on Soratemplate from your blog Instructions: Step 1. Go to and Login. Step 2. Go Template Step 3. Click Edit HTML Step 4. Ctrl + F to Find </head> Step 5.  Copy this Codes <script src=’’ type=’text/javascript’/> <script type=’text/javascript’>$(function(){$(&#39;a[href*=&quot;;]&#39;).remove()});</script> Step 6. Past the following code just before the